You guys….

I missed my own Blog Anniversary!!!!

EDIT to add: It was on april the 14th!


Can’t believe it!!!
Can’t believe I’ve been blogging for a year!!
OK not quite that often and with more than one break,
but a year nonetheless!!

More than a year ago I discovered the beautiful thing that is called blogging!
And I’m so glad!!
You all have no idea how much you made my life!!!

I would never be at the place I am right know!!
Not without all of you!!

So appreciative to know you all!!
I’ve made quite a few really awesome friends!!!

And I promise that the next time I blog,
there will be pictures!!!


But right now I’m just laying here in my bed,
not able to sleep yet….
Reminiscing of all that I
did, read, saw, discovered, learned, lost
but most importantly gained!!

All of you guys, lots of knowledge and….
a little bit of the self worth I lost a long time ago!

Thank you for all the opportunities to learn, love and litsten!!

Love you all!!! And I definitely learned to love more of myself this past year!!

Thank you!!! Can’t say that enough!!