Day 8 – I Do Not Like Pilates

….that’s for sure!! Or at least, I really dislike the teacher I had yesterday!!

But since my dance teacher is on her (much needed and earned) holidays for this week, she arranged for us to have some sort of class without her! Why didn’t I go to the Modern class?! I’m beating myself up a little about it! But… I can’t change it!! I had a 90min class (instead of the 90min work out I usually get on thursday!) and thats better than nothing!
Let’s move on to a happier topic: I LOVE SUSHI!!!!
You wont believe me when I say that I went for sushi for the first time yesterday!? 😉
Of course I have had sushi before but I never went to a restaurant and ate it there!!
A (kind of) co-worker and I were alone for our thursday-restaurant-lunch so we decided on sushi and it was plain awesome!!! The restaurant had a cute and warming ambiente and the food was just incredibly delicious! We both got the sushi-bento with a miso soup and an asian salad for starters! I just can’t say it enough, it was probably the best lunch I’ve ever eaten!!
The rest of the day was nothing spectacular, though I may have gotten a little teary eyed when I came home and saw the nice comments on my last post!! I still can’t believe that anybody reads this and hence that I’m a little overwhelmed every time I see a comment!! Thank you soooooooooo much!!!
I’ll give you my pics now 😉

breakfast as everyday….. but each and every time it amazes me how incredible the peaches are!

morning snack (which is unusual for me…) a yellow sort of plum and few grapes

this is what was on the weekly special at nooch and we both decieded on the sushi-bentobox.
but I swiched the spicy tuna with rainbow roll because I can only eat so much spicy (slowly but surely I’m getting used to it!! yay!! especially the wasabi and pickled ginger)

this isn’t the acual pic of my bento but it’s more or less what I had – it was soooo goooood!!
I’ll definitely go back soon!!!

afternoon / pre-workout snack: kind of a parfait-in-a-mug with red and green grapes, yellow plum, plain yogurt and sprinkled with a little stevia

dinner part1: hugh salad containing mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, few sprinz cheese cubes and turkey slices with (as usual) a cottage cheese, herbed salt, paprika and balsamic vinegar sauce! yum!

dinner part2: three slices ww bread, all of them with philadelphia, two with mustard and turkey slices, one with red pesto (I’m so in love with this red pesto, especially after not liking green pesto for so long!!)

and I treated myself for a little dessert: three dates with (homemade) almondbutter, few grapes and a dried banana smeared with more almondbutter

So… That’s it!
Oh no… I’ve got a few answers:
@brandi: Yeah the great wether was a big help!! Especially when you know the next few days wont be like that!! :$
@karina: Thank you sooo much!! And yep I don’t really like cheese… And this is coming from a Swiss 😉 but I acutally warming up a little, I like a few creamy or salty ones just not the really cheesy ones!! *shudder*
@devan: Those mood changes suck!! Hope we can get rid of them eventually!! Thank you too for the nice comment!!
Alright I’ll wrap it up now!
Make your day a good one – and keep in mind TGIF!! 😉