i just want to make a post today.

tomorrow i start my daily (food/exercise/whatever) posts.
but today i’m just writing about the awesome weather we have here since more than a week!!!
it makes it really hard not to feel good, which is a good thing! i am sure my mood would be at a totally different place if it weren’t for the sun.
but i don’t want to get into that too much, i have to enjoy the sunny happy feeling as long as it lasts and tomorrow it will be over apparently.
yesterday after my treatment i walked almost all the way home from the city (zurich).
it took me exactly 1.5 hours from where i started to my flat, it was really nice and all the way along the river. i savored every minute, even though i knew i would arrive home late and i don’t like to eat after 7pm. but it was ok for this one time. and i only had a small dinner.
to show the cuteness of this time of the year, here are a few pix from my mini orchid (my mom bought it for my and i took it to work, where i can watch and adore her all the time ^. ^):
have a nice day everyone and enjoy the sun, if you can!!
here my firs link to an other blogger:
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