Day 4 – Lazy Day with Workout ;)

Once again I started my day with a walk/run mix and since the weather was so beautiful it wasn’t hard to get out of bed and into my workout clothes! I enjoyed my 4.3 mile path along the river!

To keep my energy up I had a handful nuts before I left the house – or more like while I left the house!
I came home to strech and make breakfast – yummie!!
Enjoyed the sweet nothing-to-do on my couch catching up with Supernatural, Glee, The Vampire Diaries (<— definitely a new favorite!!), Gossip Girl, Melrose Place (<– don't know what to think about this, mainly because I did not watch the original) and 90210!! So I had my share of series for sunday!! *uff*
But of course I did not sit on my butt all day – while watching all the above I made lunch around 3pm, thought about doing some housework but decided that next week I’ll have more than enough time to do all of that because I (sadly) have only one dance class all week!!
So I did some calisthenics on my couch and planks and push-ups on the floor before continuing the lazy-theme with laying on the couch! 😉
Once my belly started to ruble again I started my pumpking/squash dish – only to put some on top of my salad and save the rest for the upcoming week as lunch! It was okee.. The Pattison wasn’t as good as I hoped but whatever it was good on top of the salad though!
After chatting with a friend, finally taking a shower and washing my hair, I finished some of the before mentioned episodes when I decided to have something sweet!
Not soon after I was ready for bed… Continued to chat a little and watched some more series until my eyes shut. 🙂
small handful salted nuts to start the day

same breakfast as yesterday – oats cooked in water with half a mashed banana and half a kiwi – toped with the rest banana and kiwi, some cranberries (for color 😉 ), pinenuts and pumpkinseed butter (what a great color!!)

dinner was potato-leek-spinach-bacon I made yesterday with three big shrimps I just marinated with a little mustard and soya sauce and roasted them with lots of garlic 😀 (I made the whole bunch of them – about 8 – and saved the rest for the upcoming week)

somehow the lunch left me with some room in my belly for some nuts and babybel

dinner was a not-so-huge salad – iceberg salad, leftover couscous, tomatoes, some roasted pumkin/squash/onion, avocado as always with cottage cheese balsamic sauce

and of course I topped the salad after mixing it with some more nuts – I AM NUTS!! 😉

last but definitely not least – fruitsalad (papaya, pineapple, mango and lots of grapes) and a truvia sweetened little plain yogurt to finish my day

at least that’s what I though!! but no… I had a little salty craving and to no AGAIN eat some more nuts – I decided on a little nut butter on ricecakes – and brushed my teeth right after so I could stop the cravings… :$
That was my glorious sunday!! 😉
Hope you all had a great weekend and everyone is as ready for the new week as I am!! 😀
Take care and always remember – You’re doing the best you can, whatever you do!!!
Hugs n.