Company trip

Hey all you gorgeous ones!!
I’m back…. From an awesome company trip up to 2500 meter over the sea!!
It was beautiful but really tough! We had to ‘climb’ (hike) over 800 meter to get there!
But it was worth every second!!
We have such an awesome team, it’s unbelievable!!
I don’t have to tell you much, just wanted to let you know, I’m OK and at a content place at the moment. Hoping to loose the few pounds so I finally can fit into my fall/winter clothes again, but that won’t be a big deal! I just habe to watch the sweet a little!
Hope you all have a good time, doing good (I’m proud of E and M for getting back to recovery!!) and just enjoy the time with what you have!! Always remember, you’ve got all you need, as long as you use it right!! 😉
I’ll leave you all with a few breathtaking (and funny) pics (Sorry, had to crop out a few.. Don’t know if they would want a pic of them in the net!?).
Hugs n.