first time posting ^. ^

after reading a lot of blogs lately and enjoying them i decided to transfer from livejournal to the blog-world.

i have no idea how this will work out and even if anyone will be interested what a 25y old swiss girl writes about, but i’m doing this initially for myself so i can practice my writing, get used to writing everything down and as i discovered over the last few weeks in livejournal, writing down all my thoughts brings some light on a lot of things.
(please feel free to tell me, if i make mistakes, use collocations wrong or just write sh**)
so i don’t want to bother much more with my rambling (today is not a good day, i feel very hesitant about writing and just have a bad day to say the least). so i’ll just stop.
i hope i can start taking pictures of my food and integrate them in my posts (to make them pretty). and get rid of my insecurities.
have a nice day everyone!!
oh how i loooove spring!!