Nice Weekend – Kind Of

Here we are again….! šŸ™‚

I hope all of you had a good weekend!!! Mine was nice – a lot of mother-daughter time, but also a little emotionally draining. No big deal! I have to keep in mind that having ONE bad day is already sooooo much better than a few weeks ago when I had a whole bunch of bad days!! So YAY!!

I forgott to mention that I went to a snowboard store on friday where all the last season stuff was on sale and finally got myself a new binding for my snowboard!! I’m so happy!! I purchased a pair of new boots last winter but since I only started snowboarding again after about five years, I just didn’t want to spend too much money in case I would not enjoy it! But I did, a lot and I’m eager to spend a lot of time on the board this winter!!!
I also got myself a pair of gloves and a new pair of jeans!! All about 40-60% off!!! What a catch!

On to saturday, which started pretty late for me – what a nice surprise!! I slept until 8.30pm and headed direclty to my laundry room to do my laundry. After I put my two loads into the dryer I went to the store to buy a few additionals for my breakfast – around 10pm. So this was a fairly late breakfast!!

I tried pumpkin oats for the first time! And to be honest, it didn’t do anything for me!!
Sorry…. For all of you who love it, but…. I don’t know! I just wasn’t satisfied with the taste! šŸ˜¦
So I topped it with a bunch of things šŸ™‚
almond and pumkinseed butter, pinenuts, cranberries, goji berries and banana
it was ok.

After finishing laundry my mom picked me up and we went to water a friends plants and do some grocery shopping for our lunch/dinner. Once we came home (my mom’s) we had a little snack (an unpictured huge seedy cracker) and we went for a long walk and had a really good talk!! šŸ™‚
Back home we started to prepare for dinner, which I was excited for!! My mom invited Udo (a lodger who lives in my old room ;D ) to join us for dinner – he’s a hottie!! šŸ˜€ So I snapped a pic before he came up (and told my mom about me blogging, which was fun).

Whole wheat pasta, veggies (red and yellow peppers, broccoli, onion and champignons)
and a nice pork chop (have about 1/3 to Udo!)
Of course I had seconds (except the meat)!

Look at this funny little kind of fruits this plant makes!! Little hearts!! So cute!!

The day went by fast and soon enough I was back home, huddled up on my couch, watching tv shows! And having an (unpictured) evening snack.

Sunday I woke up normal arounb 7.30pm and went from bed straigt to my couch! After making tea and drinking a cup, I decided on a run before the weather turns and had a few bites from this awesome bar I brought from London!

My run (the first one since London) was a good one!! My legs where a little tired but they just need to adjust to running first, since I only started a few weeks ago! I was pretty happy and at some point I even managed to run 0.6 miles in one go!! YAY!! (I know for some of you this is like nothing, but I couldn’t manage to run for more than a few minutes so far withough breathing like a horse!!)
Once home I was ready for breakfast!!

my weekend-standart banana overnight oats with apple compote
topped with pine nuts, cranberries, goji berries, peanut and pumkinseed butter and banana

since I was still hungry after my bowl, I decided to add a few ricecakes (five in total) with some London-bought Lemon Curd, Almond Butter, a few slices chicken and a babybel

At 12.30pm my mom picked me up and we went to my sisters, where we spend the day catching up, playing with my four and a half year old nephew, taking a (slooooow) walk and eating dinner!

(this is not my pic!!! stole it from google!)
I had two small bowls tomato risotto with salad on the side
and some (unpictured) biscuits that where layind around and screaming my name!

Coming home around 7pm I was hungry again (what’s wrong?!), so I had a few more ricecakes like breakfast #2 and after that I indulged in some late night snacks!! Was soooo stuffed and once again, knew why I hated eating this late and this much!!! HAVE TO STOP DOING THIS!!!! Went to sleep and trying to forget about it!!

And here we are… New week, new luck!!! I’m looking forward to my ballet class this evening and hope this week will be as good as last one was, or even better!! Even though it will be a little on the stressed side, but you well hear about this when it happens!! šŸ˜‰

Have a wonderful Monday everyone!!!
And thank you sooooo much for sharing and commentin on my last post!!!
Love each and everyone of you for it!!!!

Hugs and kisses


Well hello there lovelies!!!

Yesterday was kind of a fun day. Don’t know why exactely… It just was!!

First I need to tell you that I made kind of a big change in my eating habbits to finally beat my night-binging!! šŸ˜€

Last week while talking to my friend about this problem, I came up with the idea that it might be best to start not eating too late! And since I have dance practice three out of the five days, I might try to just eat a little more pre-workout and just stick to liquid while home! I usually am not hungry after danceclass at all and just eat because I think “I have to” – but I’m stopping with this right now!! Usually I’m home between 7.30pm and 8.00pm and don’t even like eating this late!!

So I tried this now on Wednesday and Thursday and it went really well!

Acutally I’m really happy with this, because I don’t even thought about “eating this, eating that”… And to end a day with a nice (hot or) cold milk (rice or cow) with a little cacao or not just is perfect!!

So here we go…. With more “…at work” pictures…. Since I ate all my meals at work or on the way from work to practice!!

breakfast same as yesterday – looks kind of blech but I tell you it was divine!!
this dark chocolate dreams is awesome!!
I only wish I could get this here!!! thank god I bought three jars (of which one is half empty by now)!!

morning snack times two (and a few of my ginger and soy coated p-nuts)

lunch was also the same as yesterday – minus the avocado – added a few curry cashews

dessert three super thin lindt chocolate squares (one 70% dark and two orange chocolate) holy yum!

my dinner: two crackers with 1/4 avocado sprinkled with herbed salt and paprika
one pear with curry cashews

had the eat natural (blueberries pistachios and a yoghurt coating) bar
and the babybel on my way to the bus (I was running out of time!)
the bar was ok – wasn’t a big fan of the yoghurt coating

once home I had a mug of skim milk and of course I did go back
and had half a mug with some cacao added
just perfect!!

I know that many of you probably think that this is a bad idea, but I eat enough calories (approx. 1500-1800) and it’s only three days a week! So I hope you don’t judge me about this because I think this might work wonder for me!! And maybe I’ll be able to loose the few pounds that I piled on over the last few month slowly but surely!! I really want to wear my favorite clothes this winter and especally next spring/summer!!

So… Wish me luck!! I definitely feel good and strong!!

Btw dance on Wednesday and Yesterday was awesome!! I can’t believe I had a two week break!! I feel every muscul in my body…. But I enjoyed every second!! Can’t wait for my ballet-class on Monday!! And especially can’t wait until the day I wont be like “I could be so much quicker, better, more flexible if I only finally lost those pounds”!!! I love dancing, and I could swear that the mirrors in the studio make me look smaller than I really am, but I’m glad they do… Otherwise I might not be dancing at this weight!! But this will be my least problem in a few month!! Yay!!

Anyways have a good day and as always…. Make it a marvelous one!!!


Days 9 ’til 11 – Busy and Blah

Sooooooo sorry for not posting!!! But I just wasn’t in the mood….

And to be honest, I really enjoyed to not think about taking pics every second!!
I think I’ll start to post from Monday until Friday and just sum the weekends up on Monday.
Hope that’s ok with all of you… But why should it not… I assume you all have enough blogs to read and a few posts less wont bother you!! šŸ˜‰

Alright, Friday I photographed almost everything until dinner because my ex invited me to dinner at his apartement and I didn’t wanna be all creepy and take pics even though it was really photogenic (?) and veeeerry yummie!!! I had a few saltet pistachios and chips too much after dinner because I had to keep myself awake šŸ˜‰ but it was a really good evening (aside from the movies we watched – the two newest James Bonds, which I really didn’t enjoy…!) and it was sooo much fun to catch up and see him again!! Yay!!

breakfast at work (look at me waving in my tea pot ;D )

lunch: leftover roasted pumpkin/squash/onion dish with yellow peper, cauliflower and cottage cheese sprinkled with nuts and seeds

afternoon snack: peach and (I opened the last packet of) salted nuts

on my way home: had only the yellow plum

the sun greeted me for a few seconds in the forest! šŸ˜‰

Saturday started with rain….. :$ so I cancelled my run but after a late and big breakfast the rain stopped and I decided to go for the run anyways…. Never. Will. Do. That. Again!!! Running on a full stomach is hell!!! I definitely had too much in my stomache for running and had a difficult time to not get nauseous!! But I did it and after being glad to be home again I just did some ballet moves (have to improve my plies and my turnout, for those who are interested šŸ˜‰ ) and a lot of stretching!! Felt a lot better after…. Had an awesom late lunch (made sweet potato latkes and fresh brussel sprouts for the first time!!) and went to meet with my ex (who I will call F from here on) because I left my DVDs there the night before…. And then went to visit my nieces and stayed there a few hours to plan our upcoming trip to London!!!! I’m sooooooo excited!! I’m just so in love with London!! And can’t wait to be there again!! My niece is turning 18 on tuesday and this trip is my gift for her!! We will be there from Friday until Monday!! And we have a lot we wanna do… We’re there the second time together and we are much alike so it will be easy to do what we both want!! Oh and we will go and wach “Mayerling” at the Royal Opera House!! My first classical ballet!! Yay!!
Oh and my niece (who I will reffer to as R from here on) baked fresh bread, and even though I’m not a big bread fan, of course I had to try it and have to say it was delicous!!! Had a few slices there… šŸ˜€

biiiiig bowl of oats, mashed and chopped up banana, pear, two kiwis topped with cranberries, gojiberries, pine nuts and pumpkin- and mixed nutbutter

late lunch: frozen veggies (don’t like them but have two packs of them in the freezer to use up) fresh brussel sprouts with awesome sweet potato latkes and ketchup

still a little hungry after the plate above so I had two slices ww bread with philadelphia, red pesto and cucumber

Sunday wasn’t really eventful but good nonetheless. Went for my run FIRST and enjoyed the sun a lot!! Came home to be greeted by a big spider at my door!! Thank good I’m not scared of spiders (as you can see in the pics šŸ˜‰ YES that is my hand that the tarantula is eagerly climbing on šŸ˜€ ) so I just took him with a little help from a glas and put him outside!
I did some ballet and stetching before I had a big, late breakfast again. Soon after I went into the kitchen again and made Falafel for myself the first time!!! I had a few SP latkes leftover from Saturday and took them and a few Falafel with me to the cinema – went to watch “The Ugly Truth” which was really good!! After a few other things for lunch/dinner my mom finally called to inform me they arrived home (after a week at our house in France) so of course I jumped in my car and drove to her (which is only a 10-minute drive from me) and spent the rest of the evening there!!

well hello there….

he was reall big… just sitting in my door frame…. not anymore!! šŸ™‚

sorry for all of you who hate spiders….!!

a few weeks back, my boss and I had the chance to “meet” some tarantulas.
it was a really impressive “event” and I’m glad I did it!!

now that’s more what you like, isn’t it?! šŸ˜‰ my first home made falafel!! delish!!!

took some latke and falafel with a ketchup-mustard-mix for dipping with me to the cinema

That’s all I think…..! Hope you all had a great weekend and even though it’s Monday again (I know a lot of you don’t like Mondays as much as I do – I just love my workplace so much and am thankful for it every day!!) just try to make this a good week!! šŸ˜‰


Day 8 – I Do Not Like Pilates

….that’s for sure!! Or at least, I really dislike the teacher I had yesterday!!

But since my dance teacher is on her (much needed and earned) holidays for this week, she arranged for us to have some sort of class without her! Why didn’t I go to the Modern class?! I’m beating myself up a little about it! But… I can’t change it!! I had a 90min class (instead of the 90min work out I usually get on thursday!) and thats better than nothing!
Let’s move on to a happier topic: I LOVE SUSHI!!!!
You wont believe me when I say that I went for sushi for the first time yesterday!? šŸ˜‰
Of course I have had sushi before but I never went to a restaurant and ate it there!!
A (kind of) co-worker and I were alone for our thursday-restaurant-lunch so we decided on sushi and it was plain awesome!!! The restaurant had a cute and warming ambiente and the food was just incredibly delicious! We both got the sushi-bento with a miso soup and an asian salad for starters! I just can’t say it enough, it was probably the best lunch I’ve ever eaten!!
The rest of the day was nothing spectacular, though I may have gotten a little teary eyed when I came home and saw the nice comments on my last post!! I still can’t believe that anybody reads this and hence that I’m a little overwhelmed every time I see a comment!! Thank you soooooooooo much!!!
I’ll give you my pics now šŸ˜‰

breakfast as everyday….. but each and every time it amazes me how incredible the peaches are!

morning snack (which is unusual for me…) a yellow sort of plum and few grapes

this is what was on the weekly special at nooch and we both decieded on the sushi-bentobox.
but I swiched the spicy tuna with rainbow roll because I can only eat so much spicy (slowly but surely I’m getting used to it!! yay!! especially the wasabi and pickled ginger)

this isn’t the acual pic of my bento but it’s more or less what I had – it was soooo goooood!!
I’ll definitely go back soon!!!

afternoon / pre-workout snack: kind of a parfait-in-a-mug with red and green grapes, yellow plum, plain yogurt and sprinkled with a little stevia

dinner part1: hugh salad containing mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, few sprinz cheese cubes and turkey slices with (as usual) a cottage cheese, herbed salt, paprika and balsamic vinegar sauce! yum!

dinner part2: three slices ww bread, all of them with philadelphia, two with mustard and turkey slices, one with red pesto (I’m so in love with this red pesto, especially after not liking green pesto for so long!!)

and I treated myself for a little dessert: three dates with (homemade) almondbutter, few grapes and a dried banana smeared with more almondbutter

So… That’s it!
Oh no… I’ve got a few answers:
@brandi: Yeah the great wether was a big help!! Especially when you know the next few days wont be like that!! :$
@karina: Thank you sooo much!! And yep I don’t really like cheese… And this is coming from a Swiss šŸ˜‰ but I acutally warming up a little, I like a few creamy or salty ones just not the really cheesy ones!! *shudder*
@devan: Those mood changes suck!! Hope we can get rid of them eventually!! Thank you too for the nice comment!!
Alright I’ll wrap it up now!
Make your day a good one – and keep in mind TGIF!! šŸ˜‰

Day 6 – Speechless

… I just don’t know what I’m doing wrong!! My intentions are always soooo good, and I started of sooo well! But I just give in too easily…

Trust me… All of you who struggel with wanting to eat more – I’d be glad to give ALL of you a little from my constant desire to eat (in the evening)!! If only it would be this easy!
I have the feeling that I need some major push or something!! I tried some of my fav pants on last night, to discover (with no surprise) that they still don’t fit – not even close!!
Now I just thrown them into the bathroom so I always see them, and my goal is to try them on everytime I struggle with wanting to eat a little more (of couse without being hungry anymore!) and brushing my teeth right after I ate!! This hopefully should do it!
I just can’t take it anymore!!! It’s not so much the “feeling-fat” thing, it’s more that I want to wear all my clothes again!! I love them and I HATE shopping!! Especially for bigger clothes!!
So…. Enough rambling… Here you have the pics…. Of course not everything – again – as I didn’t photograph the things I ate after dinner (nothing major – thank god – but about a small yogurt with truvia and nutbutter, two dates with almondbutter and a babybel)!
But I had a nice walk home – about an hour – after work (when everything was still OK) even though it rained a little but as I was mostly in the forest I did not mind. And it was my washday so I had a little butt-workout! šŸ˜‰ Since I live in the 3rd floor and have to climb up and down the stairs for at least four times! I also practiced a little ballet (especially piruettes) and our jazzchoreographie (this time we dance to Made from Jamie Scott)! While it wasn’t very successful I enjoyed it thorouthly!
On to the pics…
had one and this half butterbretzel for breakfast on the go

with one of this and lots of grapes

lunch same old same old

had the other plum as a work-snack

snack once I got home – last nuts (NOT going to by new ones!!) and double the amount of those onion strips

bought a bunch of (almost)overripe bananas for half the price to freeze for banana softserve!! šŸ˜€

made guacamole with half an avocado, onion, cherrytomatoes, herbed salt and paprika

enjoyed the guacamole on some yummie ww bread, one additional slice with philadelphia and the little one in my soup

made a bland pumpkin soup with a little cream – needs salt!!

and for dessert I had banana softserve (this definitely tastet like something forbidden ;D ) topped with coconut raspels and flakes – along with a peanutbutter muffin I found in the freezer and had to be eaten (had a second one later)

That’s all!!

Have a good day everyone or at least try to make it a good one!!!


Day 4 – Lazy Day with Workout ;)

Once again I started my day with a walk/run mix and since the weather was so beautiful it wasn’t hard to get out of bed and into my workout clothes! I enjoyed my 4.3 mile path along the river!

To keep my energy up I had a handful nuts before I left the house – or more like while I left the house!
I came home to strech and make breakfast – yummie!!
Enjoyed the sweet nothing-to-do on my couch catching up with Supernatural, Glee, The Vampire Diaries (<— definitely a new favorite!!), Gossip Girl, Melrose Place (<– don't know what to think about this, mainly because I did not watch the original) and 90210!! So I had my share of series for sunday!! *uff*
But of course I did not sit on my butt all day – while watching all the above I made lunch around 3pm, thought about doing some housework but decided that next week I’ll have more than enough time to do all of that because I (sadly) have only one dance class all week!!
So I did some calisthenics on my couch and planks and push-ups on the floor before continuing the lazy-theme with laying on the couch! šŸ˜‰
Once my belly started to ruble again I started my pumpking/squash dish – only to put some on top of my salad and save the rest for the upcoming week as lunch! It was okee.. The Pattison wasn’t as good as I hoped but whatever it was good on top of the salad though!
After chatting with a friend, finally taking a shower and washing my hair, I finished some of the before mentioned episodes when I decided to have something sweet!
Not soon after I was ready for bed… Continued to chat a little and watched some more series until my eyes shut. šŸ™‚
small handful salted nuts to start the day

same breakfast as yesterday – oats cooked in water with half a mashed banana and half a kiwi – toped with the rest banana and kiwi, some cranberries (for color šŸ˜‰ ), pinenuts and pumpkinseed butter (what a great color!!)

dinner was potato-leek-spinach-bacon I made yesterday with three big shrimps I just marinated with a little mustard and soya sauce and roasted them with lots of garlic šŸ˜€ (I made the whole bunch of them – about 8 – and saved the rest for the upcoming week)

somehow the lunch left me with some room in my belly for some nuts and babybel

dinner was a not-so-huge salad – iceberg salad, leftover couscous, tomatoes, some roasted pumkin/squash/onion, avocado as always with cottage cheese balsamic sauce

and of course I topped the salad after mixing it with some more nuts – I AM NUTS!! šŸ˜‰

last but definitely not least – fruitsalad (papaya, pineapple, mango and lots of grapes) and a truvia sweetened little plain yogurt to finish my day

at least that’s what I though!! but no… I had a little salty craving and to no AGAIN eat some more nuts – I decided on a little nut butter on ricecakes – and brushed my teeth right after so I could stop the cravings… :$
That was my glorious sunday!! šŸ˜‰
Hope you all had a great weekend and everyone is as ready for the new week as I am!! šŸ˜€
Take care and always remember – You’re doing the best you can, whatever you do!!!
Hugs n.

Day 3 – Totally Nuts

…. literally!! I had soooo much nuts yesterday!! This should be forbidden! šŸ˜‰

But to start at the beginning, I have something to confess:
I started running! *blush* I know, that’s nothing to be blushing about BUT after a few bad tries the past two years I totally sworn off of it!! And I think all the reading about all of you enjoying it so much, I just decided to try again and start VERY slow!! And…. I think it really works!!
This was the third time now I went jogging and it went really well!! I just tried to really listen to my body and just stop and start whenever I’m ready!! And I enjoyed every second! I wasn’t embarrassed to stop and just walk and this might be because the last year all I was doing is walking and enjoying it!! YAY!! I’m so happy!!
After my morning “run” I decided to go to my office and work a little, since I didn’t do much the last few days due to lack of motivation and too much blog reading ;)! I totally enjoy the silence of the empty office and since noone is around I can catch up on my tv shows on the side! I love drawing my plans while watching series!! I might have to do that more often but just without my bosses knowing, since I can’t just say “You know, I’m not doing my job on weekdays so I come in weekends so I can watch something while working!” I don’t think they would be verry thrilled! :SĀ 
But whatever…Ā I had some grapes and nuts to tie me over.Ā I stayed there until 3pm to rush home (after stopping to get some groceries) and make lunch! Thank god I just needed to warm up a packed meal, which by the way was surprisingly good, and had an awesome big salad on the side.
After not doing much at all I started to make dinner (and snuck a few handful of nuts into my mouth while cooking!) – or more like lunch for sunday and a few days next week. I enjoyed a little of it along with some nuts, again. And much later had a night snack – nuts again, fruit and yogurt! But to not longer let you guess how everything looked šŸ˜‰ here are the pics!!!

finally oatmeal again!! since I eat breakfast at work on weekdays oatmeal is out of the question, so I alwasy look forward to my weekends when I finally can enjoy some warming oatmeal! this time with banana (mashed and sliced on top), kiwi, few cranberries and nut butter drizzled over it.

snack at work – as i wrote – grapes and nuts (at least double this amount since I had more grapes on my way home and nuts while cooking)

lunch – a big one – tajine (didn’t really know what this is but was surprised about how good the chicken was and the plum sauce was really nice!) with couscous (didn’t eat all of it, saved the rest for another time)

and a big salad – mixed cabbage salad with homegrown red and yellow cherry tomatoes, cauliflower and avocado with an cottage cheese balsamic dressing – holy yum!

dinner just a little from the potato-leek-spinace meal I did along with salted nuts and a babybel (the red things are bacon cubes I also mixed in the potato-leek-spinache thing! it adds a lovely taste to it)

and for dessert some papaya, pineapple and mango

and here you have MORE nuts for my night snack (I need to stop snacking this much!!), some spicy nut clusters, plain yogurt mixed with truvia, nut butter and some pinenuts along with a plum
THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH for the comments!!! I read them first thing in the morning today (sunday) and actually teared up a little!! Really thank you!!
@izzy Yep this are pics I took on my way home!! You would love Switzerland – no doubt here! If you ever come here, you’re very welcome to stay with me!! šŸ˜‰
@karina Actually I don’t care for pasta either!! But I could not say no to something my nieces did! šŸ˜‰ And since I hadn’t had pasta for so long I was totally in awe how good it was, especially the sauce!! WOW!
Have a nice [enter your time of day here]!! šŸ˜‰
Hug n.

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