You All Are The Best

To all of you beautiful, wonderful and caring readers!!

I wish you the best holidays!!

A very merry christmas with lots of love and warmth!!

And an even better new year!!

You all did so good last year, of course there were hiccups, but you’re all here now!!

Keep the strenght, the determination and you all will succeed!!

Once again I want to thank you!!
For all the comments here and on facebook!!
I honestly don’t know where and how I would be without all of you!!


Always remember that everything will be good,
as long as we give our best!!

Lots of love and happiness for all of you!!

ps: my mom is better, i am better, everything will be alright…!
i am going to spend a few days in dublin (27th to 30th) ALONE to sort some things out for myself!
i will be posting more frequent in the new year!! promise!

I’m moving to Dublin…..

…NOT 😦 But I would definitely love to!!!!

I fell head over heels for this city!!! And didn’t even see this coming!
As you probably assume, I had a blast in Dublin!!
I can’t even put it in words how amazing this city is…
Though I took lots of pictures and withouth furder ado, here they are:
this is the view from our city apartement
the kitchenette (the bathroom was, aside from the loud venti, okay)
the livingroom (the bedroom with two single beds was cute and tiny)
here we have temple bar with all its color and glory
where a leprechaun greeted us, what a cutie (he was there every day!!)
here you see dublins monument the spire viewed from the henry street
trinity college
wellington monument in phoenix park (a huuuuge park!)
view over the entire city from the gravity bar on top of the guinness storehouse (brewery)
dublin castle
the liffey with the ha’penny bridge
(where you used to pay half a penny to cross it, many years ago, hence the name)
the liffey again with a beautiful sunset on our first evening
the oscar wilde memorial statue on merrion square
on saturday we got on a little tour to the county with a first stop at the sea
with this cute tour bus (of course in ireland green 😉 )
the main attracition of the trip the powerscourt house
with its beautiful gardens (and my 😉 )
my mom under a nicely shaped tree in the garden
and there where a few beautiful roses left
So yeah, this sums my trip up pretty much. I enjoyed every single second with my mom in this awesome city and will be back soon!
A few food highlights while living in Dublin:
– we found a Organic Market on our first day where
– I found HEMP SEEDS!!!! yay!!! (I don’t get them here 😦 )
– found Total 0% Fage (and of course loved it!)
– am in love with Marks & Spencer
– found nakd bars but didn’t care too much for them
– found some other awesome bars
– we cooked overall awesome meals and had a great time
I did really well (as I do always when I’m with my mom) but am glad to be back if (not really) only because of my dance classes.
Had an awesome ballet class yesterday, we were only two and could do some major work!
I told my teacher about how awesome Dublin was and that I’d loved to stay there, but if so I would have to import her, because I can’t imagine my life without her, and she blushed a little and told me that she really appreciates this! aww
I hope you all had a good time, enjoyed the (hopefully) good and warm days!!
I’m determined (once again) to not let my mood drop because of ridiculous things (like body image and such :P) and live on a positive swing.
Whatever…. 😉
Thank You All once again for reading and keeping up with all my ups and downs!!
I really love and appreciate each and one of you (and your comments!!)
A big hug for all of you!!! And much love!!