Weekly Update and Holidays

Hey my lovely pumpkins!!

Sooooo sorry for being MIA lately!! I’m a really bad blogger lately!
But as I mentioned in my last post, I really do eat almost the same everyday and
nothing interesting is happening around here, so…. Little reason to post…
And since I’m a little lost for words lately – doesn’t help much!

I just wanted to let you all know that I’m (semi) OK and even though I’m eating too little
(and the damn scale is not bulging!! How can this be?!!!)
I eat enough for the moment! Even my T said so!
So everything is fine!

Ballet and Jazz is going great!! I feel like I am making so much progress!
Giving up a little controll to maintain the “lightness” of ballet and to let my moves be smoother in Jazz!
I just loooooooooove my teacher so much!! Can’t even put this into words!
I’m so happy to have found her! I’m certain that I would not be dancing if it weren’t for her!

Hope all of you had a good week?!
I know E and M are doing much better!! And I’m so proud of them!
Karina is putting a smile on my face with each post
and Rebecca (found her blog recently) is inspiring me so much to question and reevaluate!
Thank you soo much for all your posts!! For sharing your story!! It really makes me stronger
and feeling less alone in all of this!!

I don’t know if I mentioned this in an earlier post
but I’m away the next week!
We are going to spend a week in our house in France! YAY!!
We have to pick our Quinces before they go mad!
I love to spend time there! It is so quiet and calm!
And I have a huge room for myself to practice ballet and jazz!! YAY!!
I’m going with my mom and a friend of hers! It will be fun!

So no updates [as if that is new 😉 ] until next monday!
Have a wonderful week and I look forward in reading all your lovely posts when I return!
I have to say that is the only thing I’m not so happy about…
Not being able to read all your posts for so long!! But I’ll manage!! 😛

Here are a few recent eats, so that this isn’t a text-only post and to give you a little color!! 😀

Jenn inspired me (with her latest post) to this lovely dinner on Tuesday!!

pre-workout snack (wednesday if I remember correctly)

pm-snack/pre-workout – half at work

the other half on my walk to practice
And a little more fall colors 😉

even though it was wet

it looked really beautiful – no sound when walking trough the leaves though 😦

EDIT: After posting this, I read the ever amazing Karina‘s new post and discovered that I was taged to contribute to Maggie’s Truth Week, which I find is an awesome thing!!

So about my bit of Truth (where should I start?!):

I grew up learning to put everyone else before me!
My dad committed suicide when I was merely at the age of 7,
thus I always thought that I needed to help my mom and not burden her with anything else
and this started a cycle I have jet to come out of!
I don’t blame her entirely for this even though she might have given me the urge to do this undeliberately.
[I have no idea if this mad sense at all, sorry for that!]
I am learning to put myself first but it’s not an easy task.

I’m tagging E and M today [I don’t remember if they posted one already and sorry if so. But as far as I know every day there is a new reason to post one ;)]
And to end this the right way, please take a look at the OCCK-post! Thank you for reading! 😉

All my love to all of you!!! :*



Well hello there lovelies!!!

Yesterday was kind of a fun day. Don’t know why exactely… It just was!!

First I need to tell you that I made kind of a big change in my eating habbits to finally beat my night-binging!! 😀

Last week while talking to my friend about this problem, I came up with the idea that it might be best to start not eating too late! And since I have dance practice three out of the five days, I might try to just eat a little more pre-workout and just stick to liquid while home! I usually am not hungry after danceclass at all and just eat because I think “I have to” – but I’m stopping with this right now!! Usually I’m home between 7.30pm and 8.00pm and don’t even like eating this late!!

So I tried this now on Wednesday and Thursday and it went really well!

Acutally I’m really happy with this, because I don’t even thought about “eating this, eating that”… And to end a day with a nice (hot or) cold milk (rice or cow) with a little cacao or not just is perfect!!

So here we go…. With more “…at work” pictures…. Since I ate all my meals at work or on the way from work to practice!!

breakfast same as yesterday – looks kind of blech but I tell you it was divine!!
this dark chocolate dreams is awesome!!
I only wish I could get this here!!! thank god I bought three jars (of which one is half empty by now)!!

morning snack times two (and a few of my ginger and soy coated p-nuts)

lunch was also the same as yesterday – minus the avocado – added a few curry cashews

dessert three super thin lindt chocolate squares (one 70% dark and two orange chocolate) holy yum!

my dinner: two crackers with 1/4 avocado sprinkled with herbed salt and paprika
one pear with curry cashews

had the eat natural (blueberries pistachios and a yoghurt coating) bar
and the babybel on my way to the bus (I was running out of time!)
the bar was ok – wasn’t a big fan of the yoghurt coating

once home I had a mug of skim milk and of course I did go back
and had half a mug with some cacao added
just perfect!!

I know that many of you probably think that this is a bad idea, but I eat enough calories (approx. 1500-1800) and it’s only three days a week! So I hope you don’t judge me about this because I think this might work wonder for me!! And maybe I’ll be able to loose the few pounds that I piled on over the last few month slowly but surely!! I really want to wear my favorite clothes this winter and especally next spring/summer!!

So… Wish me luck!! I definitely feel good and strong!!

Btw dance on Wednesday and Yesterday was awesome!! I can’t believe I had a two week break!! I feel every muscul in my body…. But I enjoyed every second!! Can’t wait for my ballet-class on Monday!! And especially can’t wait until the day I wont be like “I could be so much quicker, better, more flexible if I only finally lost those pounds”!!! I love dancing, and I could swear that the mirrors in the studio make me look smaller than I really am, but I’m glad they do… Otherwise I might not be dancing at this weight!! But this will be my least problem in a few month!! Yay!!

Anyways have a good day and as always…. Make it a marvelous one!!!


…at work!

Goooooood morning everyone!!! How are you?!
I’m in a very good mood, and have no idea why!! 😀
I’m not questioning it, just enjoying….
Not too much to tell, food was awesome yesterday!
Here we go:
breakfast at work: muesli soaked in water, kiwi, plum, half a banana with a tbsp pb&co chocolate dreams and flax

lunch at work: zucchini, cauliflower, red peper, 1/4 avocado with quinoa and cottage cheese, topped with seeds and nuts

dinner at work: two crakers with 1/4 avocado, salt and paprika with curried cashews and babybel
(and later a few from the soy and ginger peanuts, right back there in the far right corner)
pre-workout a marks&spencer snack well soy raisin bar

once home after dance class I enjoyed a cup ricemilk-cacao

I was so glad to have dance class again!! Ballet went well – I’m a little stiff and my muscul right next to my shin is cramping a lot lately :S !! Don’t know what to do, it’s nothing big but really disturbing while on barre! Jazz was really fun! We were only four of us and enjoyed the space and attention everyone got!
I think I’ll leave you with this…. I’m going to savor my good mood and knowing that I’ll be busy at work hence the lots of things I have to do – finally!!
As always, keep strong, enjoy every second you get and make your day a good one!!!
I’m off to dig into my breakfast!! yum!
1000 hugs

YAY for Day 1 :)

Goooood morning everyone (or more like good evening/night to many of you ;D )!
Hope you all had a good day?!
I had a good one!! During the day I did really well (but actually I usually do…) and the evening was alright!! I’m content with it.
My jazz class was a little tougher as I expected, but I think this is because of the class the day before, which left me a little sore! But of course I enjoyed it none the less!!
I’m not really looking forward to the upcoming two-week break in my classes (almost all of them) but will do my best to keep moving. 😉
To get to the pictures and I made a few ones just for you!! 😀
breakfast (around 8.30am) consisted of muesli (all the way down under all this fruit) soaked a little in h2o, topped with a peach, a kiwi, a handful blueberries and flax.
my bowl once again all mixed up, so you can see everything.
[not my pic!!] lunch (12.30pm) was a tunasteak with white rice and side veggies, that looked a lot like this. but on thursday we always go to a restaurant for lunch and since noone here knows about food bloging let alone ME blogging, I couldn’t take a pic, but I’ll try my best to post something similar.

p.m. snack (4.30pm) was plain yogurt with a pear, a fig and half a banana (some mashed, some sliced on top) which I ate about an hour and a half before my dance class.
I wasn’t hungry at all after my class but had a lot of greens to use up before they’ve gotten bad. So I mixed up a huge salad for dinner (8.00pm) containing salad greens, a few home grown cherry tomatoes, cauliflower, about 1/6th of an avocado, buffala mozzarella and leftover rosted butternut with onion. Uff… That was a LOT to write but I just love my salad with lots of ingredients, as you can see… 😀
I just mixed cottage cheese with salt, paprika and balsamic vinegar as a sauce and topped it with a few chopped up salted nuts (my new obsession on a salad!!)
As a dessert I had pomegranate seeds and an orange slice.
After I started my salad of course I got hungry like an animal, so I took some crackers with Cantadou (something similar to Philadelphia) with the last salted nuts.
But unfortunately my belly was still growling so I ended my dinner (around 9.30pm damn!!) with a few ricecakes with butter and pumpkinseed butter – holy yum!! (Sorry for the bad pic but my lightening is horrible so I used the flash!)

So this is what a day looks like. Normally I don’t eat a lunch this big but it works out really well on thursday because of my Jazzgym. class I have.
I hope you enjoyed the pics and won’t get tired of my breakfasts and lunches because they are (on weekdays) so similar, but you will see.
Have a good time and until tomorrow!!
Hugs n.