All kind of eats and a Birthday…

Long time no read…. I apologize!!

It was an eventless week – hence the lack of posting!!
But I’m going to start with Sunday – My Birthday YAY!

It was good… Good enough! For me anyways as I don’t like to much going on around me!!
I had a leisure morning with an amazing breakfast:

can you guess how old I’m now?! πŸ˜‰ [I hope KERF isn’t too jealous ;)]

Had a date with my mom πŸ˜€ She invited me to see a ballet choreographed from our talented SpΓΆrrli – Raymonda
After we went home (to my mom’s) and she cooked for me!
Of course I had to make my own “cake”! And I have to say they were awesome!!
I have to link to the recipes!! Sooooo good and healthy and low calorie!!! Awesome!!

the big ones are banana-coconut and the little ones chocolate-orange

I did only half of each recipe and changed the cake into mini-cupcakes and the bars into muffins.
they were divine!!

On thursday I enjoyed an amazing fall-walk home with all its beauty!

I just loooooove the fall colors!!! β™₯ β™₯ β™₯

On to the eats. I had lots of same-old same-old! But it’s soo good I’m not getting tired of it!!
Though I’m going to leave the peppers and zucchini behind me, since it’s a summer vegetable!
And add a few winter vegetables to my lunches…

Various breakfasts – each day almost the same:

Oh what I forgott to mention, last sunday we sent to a fall market (I think I wrote about it in my last post)
and I found Maca powder!!! Couln’t believe my eyes!! And purchased Maca Capsules which I’m taking now each day with my breakfast! Don’t feel a difference but if I do, I’ll tell you instantly! πŸ˜‰

Lunch at work is always veggies with (or without) avocado, cottage cheese and seeds.

Snacks before Yoga or Ballet/Jazz:

And dinner usually contained some Soup:

love love love love homemade pumpkin soup!! made a new batch on saturday and can’t wait until tonight to have some!!


breakfast was heavenly

lunch was the same as above but in a tupper and eaten at my moms.
had this as dinner after spending hours in the kitchen baking and cooking!!! πŸ˜€ love days like this!

I had another Therapy session today! Went well…. Lots to talk about, lots to learn and relearn!
I’m still very glad I choose this T and I’m looking forward to the hours spend with her! Even though I know there will be tears and lots of struggling! But I know that is was I need and it will be worth it!!

Now…. I want to thank here all the beautiful ladies who congratulated me on facebook!!! Thank you so much!! You really mean the world to me!! And even if I repeat myself a lot, but I know I wouldn’t be where I am now withough all of you!! All your blogs and comments inspire and strengthen me so much!!!
I’m endlessly thankful for all of this!!

Have a wonderful day!! And make every minute worth it!!

PS: If there is anything you would like to know about me, just ask away! I’m happy to answer!

You All Made My Day!! Thx!!

I have to start with a big THANK YOU!!!

I’m really overwhelmed with all the warm and caring comments you wrote me!!
You really have no idea what that means to me!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!!
On to my day! πŸ™‚ Yesterday was my niece R’s 18th birthday and we celebrated it in a mongolian bbq restaurant – it was awesome, delish and over-the-top all at the same time!! πŸ˜€ Of course we all enjoyed it thoroughly!
Nothing out of the ordinary aside from that, had a good and finally busy workday, decided to just don’t care about eating aka not-wanting-to-eat and just go with my guts! And it was as I didn’t expect it to be… I had very little desire to eat! Wow… That was really a surprise. I just ate when I felt hungry and that was it!
My workday flew by and I was glad, not because I don’t like my work – acutally that’s the exact opposite, but because I can’t wait until I can leave (with R) for LONDON!!!! Only two more days!!!! I’m soooo glad that I have so much to do here, so the day will fly by if I like it or not!!
Here you have the pics:

breakfast (sorry for the boring every-day-the-same-bf!!) muesli with kiwi, pear and blueberry sprinkled with flax

lunch (same as yesterday and tomorrow ;D ) veggies with quinoa and falafel

sunset on our way home

my first plate at the restaurant (I had this times 3) veggies, tofu, surimi, fish with garlic-yogurt-sauce
had another one with other veggies and sweet-sour-sauce
and a third one with lots of veggies, a little fried rice and more garlic-yogurt and sweet-sour-sauce

and here I am with my dessert!! don’t I look satisfied and full?! lol
one scoop coconut icecream one mango sorbet with cream and chocolate sauce! wow! I was stuffed!!

I hope you all had a wonderful day and again, thank you so much!!
Good night and sleep tight πŸ˜‰ and make your new day a good one!!
I sure will try to do it myself!!
Lots of hugs