You All Are The Best

To all of you beautiful, wonderful and caring readers!!

I wish you the best holidays!!

A very merry christmas with lots of love and warmth!!

And an even better new year!!

You all did so good last year, of course there were hiccups, but you’re all here now!!

Keep the strenght, the determination and you all will succeed!!

Once again I want to thank you!!
For all the comments here and on facebook!!
I honestly don’t know where and how I would be without all of you!!


Always remember that everything will be good,
as long as we give our best!!

Lots of love and happiness for all of you!!

ps: my mom is better, i am better, everything will be alright…!
i am going to spend a few days in dublin (27th to 30th) ALONE to sort some things out for myself!
i will be posting more frequent in the new year!! promise!


hey you all….
sorry for being MIA right know but
as all of you that are on facebook already know

my mom had a car accident on wednesday! 😦
she’s okay so far, she broke a vertebra (L2)
but thank got it’s nothing too serious!
no surgery needed… just a corsage to keep her spine stable!

that was quite a scare!!
and i actually just don’t know how to deal with this!

she is really hurt, hasn’t had more than an hour of sleep since the accident
and is troubled with bad nausea, thus can’t eat sleep or do anything!!

and i can’t help!!
i want to do something so ease her pain so bad!
i’m just so lost…! i’m anxious and just feared for her well being!!

she’s all i have! she’s not only my mom but my best friend!
and i can’t stand seeing her this hurt!!

i know we have to look at the ‘bright side’!
it could have been so much worse but…
it is so difficult to be positive
when everything around me is kind of falling apart…
i’m struggling so much…
can’t help but either eat crap or not eat at all…

and to tip that all off
i’m badly in love with a 20year older family-man!
we had our office christmas dinner last night and
i just can’t deny it anymore!
we are so in love… and just can’t help ourselves!!
we know it has no future so we contain ourselves the best we can!
but… it’s just so pathetic…
he can make me feel so good and forgett about all my troubles
but of course at the same time there is this voice that tells me
‘this is so wrong and you know it!’
because IT IS!!! i’m pathetic, i’m a such a fool!!

sorry for bothering you all with this….
i’ll just go know…. but to be honest, i don’t know when i’ll be back blogging!
i read your blogs regularly but just can’t come up with thigs to comment!
so please bear with me!

i love you (and of course your blogs!!) all so much
but i just need to figure this all out!

thank you for all the support, the positive comments and nice words!
i am so thankfull for you all being in my life!
i truly wouldn’t be where i am withouth you and
who knows how i’d cope with this situation if i hadn’t been
at a good place for quite some time.

so bye for know….

Bar "kind of" Review Post :)

Hey sweetpies!!!

Thank you sooooooo much for all the comments on my last post!!
I know I always say this, but I’m so grateful!! Can’t even describe it!!

I had a really difficult week.
With feelings all over the place!!
My T told me to start a FoodDiary where I have to write down
– my feelings – my bodyfeeling – my thoughts
everytime BEFORE and AFTER a meal!!

Wow…. Would never have thought that this would be sooo hard!!
I’m used to put my feelings aside or just not feel at all!
So as I said, it was really difficult and rather disturbing!

But I did it! And I will continue to do it, because it is so important for me
to (re)connect with my feelings!!
Not just pretend (and hope) that everything is fine!
It obvious isn’t!

So bare with me, if in the near future my post are a little whacky!

But I have to say that even though I felt like sh*t sometimes,
I haven’t felt this much like ME in a long time!!
No more hiding my feeling
(so much people came to me and asked if everything is ok)
and not being afraid to say “NO I’m not fine”!

Uff…. What a week.
I have a new appointment with my T in about two hours.
Curious what she will say, what this session will reveal!

Alright… On to a happy topic!!
As I posted a few weeks back, I recieved an AWESOME package
from the lovely E and M!
Lots and lots of Bars I (obviously) never had or tried
so I was eager to dive into them!! 😀

First up was the JamFrakas Chocolate Chip Cosmocrisp

Holy YUM!!! WOW!!! I was sooooooooo pleasently surprised with this!!
It is so chocolaty and dense and…… I’m speechless!!
I wish I could eat this everyday for breakfast AND lunch AND dinner!! 😀

Next a LUNA White Chocolate Macadamia

I did not expect lots of it since I don’t really like White Chocolate BUT I liked it!!!
Definitely not my favorite but I love Macadamias and it totally had lots of Macadamias in it!!


Another WOW!!! I didn’t recall liking pistachios THAT MUCH!!!
I was mmhh-ing the whole time eating this!!
(I even saved half of the bar for a little later, to savour every bit!)
I even bought unsalted peanuts right the next day!! 😀

CLIF nectar cacao dark chocolate walnut

Do I really need to say that I love chocolate?! And walnuts!?
So…. Needless to tell you that I enjoyed this one too!!
Every bite…
(I really tend to take very itty little bites when I like something really much!)
…wish it would not have ended…!

Last (until now) but most definitely NOT least
CLIF Spiced Pumpkin Pie

This one was another one I did not know what to expect.
After trying Pumpkin-Oats and not really liking it too much I hesitated a little.
With NO REASON at all!!
It was a little too big for me to eat in one sitting (befor a workout) so I split it!
And I’m glad I did… Because even though I TRULY like it! The flavours were a little much for me!
So I think by splitting it I had the chance to really enjoy it without getting sick of it!!

Once again THANK YOU TWO SO MUCH for all the bars!!
I have plenty Bars left to try (and can’t wait!)
but I try to only have one a day and only as a pre-workout!
This way they may last a little longer…! ;D

I hope you all had a great week (already read all about it on your incredible blogs)
and a wonderful weekend (will read about this in a bit)
and wish you a fabulous new week!!

Make every day a good one
do everything the best you can!!

Go over to Iowa Girl Eats and take a look at THIS awesome Giveaway!!


France Recap Part Three

Hey all of you beautiful, caring and just awesome readers!!!

First I NEED and want to say thank you to all the commenters!!
Trust me, if I say that you keep me sane on most days, that’s no exaggeration!!

To be quite honest, I’m feeling really down lately….!
Don’t know exactely why… Just blah! Of course I have some ideas what could cause this but… I don’t want to get into it! I need to just concentrate on the future, on positive stuff, on people who care and it will all be ok!
Although I think this might be a big part of it.
Me always kind of pretending that I’m OK, that everything is fine and nothing is bothering me!
My T kindly referred to me as some kind of ‘Dr. Jackel and Ms. Hide’… Not so wrong if you ask me!
But… As I said, don’t want to get into it here!
You all have enough to deal with and I am so proud of all of you about how you do it!!

On to the good stuff!! 😀

But as the title says here I have FINALLY the last but definitely no least part of my recap!
The house and everything around it!!
Even though I’m not a big fan of France – the people, the language, I fell totally in love with the house and especially the silence of the place.
I would love to spend time with each and every one of you there!!! You all are very welcome ther, in case you’re in ‘the neighborhood’ sometime! Just so you know!

I’m not going to write much… Just let the pics speak for themselves!

this is the same one as above… just one day later!

Again…. Thank you VERY VERY MUCH for each word you write to me!!
It remindes me to stay strong and just go on!!

And (even if they’ll never read this) I want to thank my two amazing bosses
who would just do almost anything for me
(and of course I have always the feeling to not be as grateful as I should be!)
and two ‘kind-of’ co-workers (or I’d like to say they’re FRIENDS!)
BEAT (my ‘secret love’…) and ELLI
they just keep me sane around here…
Always try to lift my spirits when they feel like something’s wrong,
without forcing me to speak about it!

Have a wonderful day everyone and as I always say
and will try myself today