Day 12 – A Giant Step Forward

Hey there lovelies.

Wont write much today, don’t have much pics!
I’m struggling, a lot. But nothing to worry about, because I’m definitely not restricting!!
I took a giant leap of faith and talked to my best friend about my ED….! And it was so good!
To just let it all get out for once!!! And I did take it even further, I made an appointment with a specialist! AAAH!!! I’m so nervous!!! I can’t even believe what I did!!! My head always tells me “You’re not even thin, you can’t have an ED, you don’t deserve treatment!!!” And this sucks so much!!!
Everything is starting to get out of controll again and I’m sure this was inevitable!! But I’m so damn scared!!! My appointment is on the 29th, wish me luck!! Again I’m starting to doubt if this was the right thing to do!!! I’m going crazy here!!!
I’ve only got a few pics – nothing special, here we go:
breakfast – as usual

lunch – leftovers: brussel sprouts, veggies, falafel and some quinoa and butternutsquash

dinner: big salad, soup with ww bread, three slices ww bread with guacamole and turkey

Everything yum of course – but had once again more but didn’t take a pic! I’ve got a new obsession – as if this would be a surprise 😉 – pistachios!!! 😀
Have a great day everyone!! And sorry for the debby-downer post!!!

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