Day 2 – Went very well

I’m really doing this!! I’m a little astonished myself… 🙂

But… I try to not pray the day before it ends… 😉 Or however this quote goes!
I’m enjoying the taking picture of (almost) everything, again and I’m acutally looking forward to my posts! 😀
As my title says it for me, my day went very well!!
I did not struggle once throughout the day and this is a little surprising for me, because fridays are ususally very disturbing… But since yesterday I decide that they aren’t anymore!!!
My work day was cut short because I had an appointment in the city at 4pm and from there I went to my mothers (since I was earlier as I expected, I exited the train one station befor mine and had a nice 40min walk in the sunshine!) because we were invited over to my nieces place for a spaghetti dinner! YAY!! They are so cute!! But this means today I don’t have a pic from my dinner – so again I took one from the i-net! Don’t be mad!! 😉
Here we go….!
breakfast mess in the making – or something like that 😀 here you can see where I prepare my breakfast at work! 🙂 (and usually take pictures of my meals, so noone sees me *blush*)

here an other picture all layered up and ready to soak for about an houre before I’ll mix it all up and eeeeeeat iiiit!! 😀 what nice colors… but once again I had to use the flash *ugh*

a cute little pear as a morning snack

here my favorite lunch for the past weeks! 🙂 layered veggies (do I sence a theme here?!) containing cauliflower, zucchini, red peppers, roasted pumpkin and onions

all nicely sprinkled with a little cottage cheese, seeds and (salted) nuts – yummie!!
I actually put the veggies into the microwave before I topped it with the nuts.

on my way to my appiontement I enjoyed a plain yogurt with two packets stevia-in-the-raw! I just love the taste of the stevia / truvia in plain yogurt!!

on my way to my mother!! it was so nice!! all the farmes working like mad and myself just enjoing the nice weather…. how unfair! 😉

I could have walked on there forever!! I just love to move my legs after sitting on my butt all day long!! 😀

[not my pic!!!] and here I’ve found a pic that looks about the amount I ate for dinner! but I ate it in two batches!! it was soooo good!! and as I was contently full after dinner I had no problem NOT getting any dessert! even though my niece mad a raspberry tiramisu herself for the first time and my mom and her boyfriend brought beautiful cake! not interested at all! yay!
So this is it…. My day yesterday! Oh no… I almost forgott my night snack (of which I did not take a picture of because it was all dark). As we had dinner about 8pm and I was still up at 11pm I decided to repeat my afternoon snack just to add a little nutbutter to it! Perfect ending of the day!!

Hope your day was equally good and even if not, just think that the next day is coming!! As long as you’re doning your best each day… That’s all that counts!!
Love you all!! And thank you soooooo much for leaving comments!!! They really made my day!!

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