trying to look forward (and only FORWARD!!)

Aww…. Thank you two soooo much for posting!!! And for the encouragement!! I really needed some positive words!

This past week was a real roller coaster… A few ups and many downs. But nothing major…
I came to the conclusion that i need to buy new pants so I won’t feel this uncomfortable all the time (and constantly be reminded of this damn weight gain!!) so i went shopping yesterday and bought awesome jeans (I just have to try not to think about the size because it fits really loose and feels good!!) and an other pair of pants. Feel good about it. So trying not to over-analyse anything!
I’m so looking forward to next week. My mom and I planned a Juice-Fast a long time ago and this comes right in time!! I hope this will break this thing I’m in and I know I can enjoy this coming summer no matter what. I just have to!!
I’m sorry but I wont update this much in the next few weeks.
First of all I will be on holiday again next week 🙂 actually this are my real holidays because the last  week I went I just helped out with planning and cooking. I’m looking forward to revising my whole english stuff and just do nothing else… Of course we will go hiking and I will do some ballet, yoga and calisthenics but nothing major, nothing out of the ordinary.
Then I’ll have my CAE-exams (oral exam on 06/06 and writing on 06/17) and will be happy if they are over. I will definitely miss going to class and do something regular but maybe I will update here more regularly so this will be a good thing!
Hope you all have a great time and enjoy everything.
Keep up all your good work you all inspire me like no others! Thank you!
Much love from
the SwissGirl

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